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Through SmartPartners, our goal is to provide a platform where our customers and dealers alike are able to have smooth and borderless business interaction in the simplest and most efficient environment.

Marhakim Sdn Bhd, Innovative Hearing Sdn Bhd or InnoHear and Mymuna iShoppe PLT are the members of SmartPartners which each is dedicated to provide the services and products the best in it’s respective field.

Marhakim has the role of importing and distributing products to medical professionals and partners, whereas InnoHear plays the role of engaging with end users to deliver products and services through the chain of our branches across the country. mymuna i-shoppe is where all the online activities take place. As far as dealers and partners are concerned, mymuna i-shoppe is the back end of their online activities, but for end users; their interaction and experience will be completely in mymuna i-shoppe atmosphere from shopping, to selecting items, making payment and lastly delivery.

SmartPartners members: